Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce? Fights Over Pitt’s Friend

Brad Pitt

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the brink of divorce because of another actor?

According to Radar Online, neither Jolie nor Pitt has been caught cheating. But the celebrity power couple is reportedly “at each other’s throats” over actor Ed Norton. Pitt and Norton are the best of buddies. However, Jolie thinks Norton isn’t worthy to be her husband’s friend.

“Angelina has always thought Ed’s a shallow underachiever,” a source told Radar.

Jolie thinks Norton “brings out the immature side of Brad.” The “By the Sea” actress is also “not impressed” by Norton’s wife, Canadian producer Shauna Robertson.

Pitt, meanwhile, has repeatedly tried to defend his friendship with Norton. But Jolie has “knocked him back time and again.” The actress, the source said, thinks “these people aren’t good enough for them.”

“Brad’s at his wit’s end — he’s so tired of Angelina sabotaging his friendships,” the insider added. “It’s like she can’t bear to ever see him happy.”

The Inquisitr also reports that the couple has gotten tense because of their constant fighting.

“Their alone time [has] dissolved into a tense negotiation over how they’ll keep the family going after the divorce,” Inquisitr quoted a source as saying.

Pitt and Norton have recently been spending a lot more time together. The two actors are reportedly teaming up on a new HBO miniseries. Tom Hanks is also set to co-star in the reported show. Norton and Pitt previously co-starred in the 1999 film “Fight Club.”

This isn’t the first time the couple had to swat off divorce rumours. Pitt was previously rumoured to have issued a divorce ultimatum to Jolie because of her eating disorder. Pitt threatened to leave her  and take their kids with him if the actress will not seek help.

Jolie was also previously accused of cheating. She reportedly hooked up with their kids’ nanny, Lena Gould.

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