The devastating storm that bashed Sydney this week left a large number of areas in ruins. But on Tuesday, a few lucky residents found a reason to smile as a tiny seal pup paid Bondi beach a visit to escape the rough seas. It was spotted climbing up the stairs on one side of the beach as a crowd looked on.

The video footage showed the adorable seal pup stop midway up the stairs to shake off the water and take a glance out into the sea. However, the pup did not seem to be bothered by the attention it received as it clambered its way up the stairs.

The video was uploaded on social media by the staff of a butcher shop named Macelleria in Bondi beach, the Daily Mail reported.

The video has gone viral on Facebook with more than 29,000 views in just the first four hours and more than 1,600 reactions from the viewers. The video footage has been shared 224 times and got more than 700 comments. Many of the viewers hoped for the seal pup’s safe return to the sea, whereas some others expressed concerns about its well-being, Yahoo 7 News reported.

The wild storm that blew over NSW on Sunday left Sydney badly battered and bruised. The homes near the beach were destroyed by strong waves, but the low pressure that brought the havoc has moved southward, easing conditions.

The Daily Mail also reported that following the seven-meter high tide, the authorities evacuated more than one thousand residents from the area. The strong waves and winds claimed three lives and damaged infrastructures worth millions of dollars.

The NSW state emergency services said that it received more than 9,250 calls and conducted 280 flood issues, the reported. On Sunday, websites like Channel Nine, Foxtel Play, and Domino’s Pizza went down after Amazon Web Service’s Sydney zone went through a power outage for two hours.