Parents and students are terrified after a series of bomb threats forced schools across the UK to evacuate. Anonymous phone calls warned head teachers of beheading and shooting, resulting in students being scared and apprehensive about going to school.

It is GCSE exam day in UK, yet students are not in the exam halls. There have been evacuations from as many as 27 schools across the UK on the back of bomb scares and threatening phone calls.

Mirror states that the evacuation that happened in schools from Kent up to Newcastle has resulted in chaos. The uproar did not stop here. School officials have been receiving calls warning them of shooting or beheading school children, even detonating bombs placed on site and shrapnel killing kids.

Canterbury High School was the first to report the threat, according to Daily Mail. An anonymous call mentioned that there was a bomb on the school grounds and that “the shrapnel will take children’s heads off.” Phil Karnavas, head teacher at the school, thinks that it might just be a hoax, but doesn’t want to take the risk.

“The exact words, I believe, were ‘bomb on site, shrapnel will take children’s heads off.’ It’s almost certainly a hoax but with what’s happening across Europe, I’m not prepared to take that gamble,” said Karnavas revealing that police are already handling the situation. Nothing was found on the site, and the Canterbury High School re-opened yesterday.

The Sun states that similar calls in Cambridgeshire and Befordshire saw more than 1,000 children from four schools being moved from the buildings. Officers and police dogs did a thorough check of the premises following the threats. “We were contacted about a security concern at Wootton Upper School at around 11am, and the school has been evacuated as a precaution while investigations are ongoing,” said the Bedfordshire Police.

However, according to a Cambridgeshire police spokesman, the threat might be nothing more than a hoax call, which they believe is a part of a series of threats at schools across the country that have taken place throughout the year.

This is not the first time that schools are dealing with such threats. Six schools in Birmingham and some in Glasgow have reported similar bomb threats earlier in February. Australia and France also faced similar situations when schools in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Paris were targeted.

Investigations will reveal if the bomb threats and calls are a sick hoax or a terrifying reality.