Bogan Shire Town Plans On Erecting ‘The Big Bogan’ Statue


Bogan Shire, which is located in the Orana region of New South Wales, Australia, wants to build a tourist attraction in the form of a 12-foot statue of “The Big Bogan.” “The Big Bogan” is envisioned as a huge statue of a “bogan,” which is an Australian and New Zealand slang word that is used to describe a guy with a working class background and mentality.

Reverend Graham McLeod, a local clergyman from St. Mark’s Anglican Church had the brilliant idea of erecting the statue in the town of Nyngan. McLeod spoke to The Daily Liberal and told them that his town had to hurry up with the idea or else some other Australian town could snatch it from them.

“I thought, we better latch onto The Big Bogan. What would happen if Logan in Queensland decided they wanted to build the ‘Logan from Bogan’ and beat us to it?” McLeod told The Daily Liberal.

McLeod suggested his idea to Graeme Bourke, the Bogan Shire Council’s manager of engineering services. Bourke then proposed the installation of a 3.6m steel figure with a fishing rod and a three-dimensional Esky, or portable cooler that tourists could sit on and have their picture taken there.

The actual location of “The Big Bogan” statue will still be discussed by the Bogan Shire Council. But Bourke hopes it would be located near the Bogan River at the Peter Sinclair Bridge.

Telegraph reports that the Bogan Shire council also wants to incorporate flip-flops and shorts in “The Big Bogan’s” outfit. They also plan on including some beer inside the Esky, or ice box beside it. Originally, the proposal for “The Big Bogan” statue included a cigarette and a beer holder, but the plan was scrapped. However, the statue may include a tattoo.

Unfortunately, the word “bogan” also has a negative connotation. It is likened to the term “white trash” in America. Bogan Shire mayor Ray Donald hopes that by building the 12-foot statue of “The Big Bogan” in their town, they could give the term “bogan” a more positive spin. He believes that by doing so, his town could benefit from a spike in local tourism.


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