Bloomberg Editor Quits For ‘Failing’ to Cover Owner’s Trial Balloon


Bloomberg editor, Kathy Kiely, has resigned over concerns that the news company is unable to be fair in covering its owner’s potential run at the US Presidential Elections 2016.

The former Washington news director for Bloomberg Politics feels the company could not be aggressive enough to cover Michael Bloomberg’s possible run. She said the company did not “jump on” the story the way other companies did.

“I think there are a lot of good people at Bloomberg making an honest effort to work this out,” the Huffington Post quoted Kiely as saying. “I just feel very strongly that the rules of the game should be the same for everybody.”

Kiely joined Bloomberg Politics in 2015. She is a veteran journalist who previously worked for USA Today and National Journal.

“The bottom line is, you can’t cover the circus unless you can write about one of the biggest elephants in the room,” Kiely said.

A Bloomberg News spokesman said it was Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait who was in charge of decisions about coverage. According to the spokesman, the possibility of Bloomberg’s run has been covered every day since such speculations started.

Kiely said she did not see any indication that the situation at the company was going to improve soon. She said she was not comfortable how Bloomberg Politics reacted to the story.

“I’ve been a political journalist all my life and I felt I was not able to do the job I should be doing,” Kiely told CNN Money.

Kiely hopes her resignation “might help the folks who are trying to do the right thing.”

Kiely did not reveal if there was any instruction to handle the Bloomberg story in a different way. She said she was not comfortable with not being aggressive enough about the story.

Since Kiely’s resignation, Bloomberg’s story has been covered a number of times by commentators and reporters at Bloomberg.

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