Blindspot actor Luke Mitchell, who plays the role of Roman, speaks up about his character as Season 2 gets into motion. He spills the beans on some brand new plot details and other spoilers.

“There’s a mole in the FBI and everyone is questionable,” Mitchell told Collider. He explained that there will be  a lot of trust issues between the characters in the show and between the government agencies involved.

Mitchell also speaks about the family dynamic between his character Roman and his sister Jane Doe, played by actress Jaimie Alexander. He shares that Roman will do anything for his sister, and is on a mission to protect her from harm. On the other hand, the family unit also involves Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), who is not a blood relative but more of a mother-figure to them both.

Just like a true matriarch, he describes Shepherd as the mastermind of their group. However, her other goals could prove to be more important than personal relations. In Blindspot Season 2 Episode 3, the strength of their little family unit was put to the test.

In the episode titled “Hero Fears Imminent Rot,” Shepherd sent Jane and Roman out on an assassination mission. The purpose behind this is to prove Jane’s loyalty. If she fails, she would have to face the consequences. Roman had to cover for his sister and had to do the dirty deed himself.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he explained that Roman wanted to protect Jane but he also needs her to snap out of it and get back to her old self. “They erased her memory so it’s a confusing time but he also feels there’s hope — if nothing else, he as her blood brother, is going to bring her back into the fold and be reunited and be a family again,” he explained.

Blindspot Season 2 Episode 4 is titled “If Beth.” The next episode airs on Oct. 5 at  8:00 pm ET on NBC.