Honeybee singer Blake Shelton seems to be buzzing around The Kid’s Choice Award, making him the perfect host for the show.

The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award had one of the naughtiest pranksters, Blake Shelton, apart from those bubbling teenagers.

Apparently, the star got full support from his girlfriend Gwen Stefani who was in Japan and send her her kids to watch the show from inside The Forum in Inglewood, California,Β  E Online! reports

Before the show, the country star was busy doing his make-up so as not to look old among the kids.

“Make-up!” he shouted backstage. “Who am I kidding? You’ll never change, Blake. You tall, good-looking drink of water you Have a look at some of the slime moments.”

Slime Sensation

Blake was the new slime sensation. The green slime greeted all the members out of blue, happily the slime did not turn out to be a disaster for the young audience and also for Blake himself.

He got slimed MAN!!!!!!!

And the final sliming


He turns out to be a unicorn: Out of the choices given to kids as between an unicorn, emoji and Abe Lincoln, fans quickly voted for the first choice.

He was with Selena Gomez:Blake Shelton’s Kids Choice Awards was co-hosted by his pals Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas and Chewbacca.

Gwen Stefani could not come to the show but send her kids though. She is suffering from “Twitter Meltdown” because of it, reports Us Weekly.

Blake Shelton moving

Blake shot out dozens of wall paper to Just in Love singer Joe Jonas who came backstage to get some peace of mind after his performance Cake by the Ocean.

Real Slime this time


He shared some of his pictures back of the school where is a spectacled boy and now he wooes the young crowd with his spectacular performance.