NCSoft adds Warlock to the roster of playable classes in “Blade and Soul.”

CinemaBlend shares that the new magic-user class is one of the many exciting content that players will be expecting in the upcoming “Unchained” patch.

Blade and Soul’s Warlock class is a magician who deals damage in quick succession of magical bombardment as well as throwing in some little physical attacks. Most of these attacks will be of dark nature employing metal chains and demon-banishing paper tags while executed at mid-range.

The Warlock will also possess some crowd-control spells in order to keep enemies at bay. Common in most fantasy games such as Warcraft, the Warlock is also capable of summoning demon-like creatures called Thralls. The upcoming class is only available for Jin and Lyn races.

No Western trailer is out yet but gamers may refer to the class’ trailer made for Eastern audience released back in 2014.

The Warlock in PvP is compelled to use tricks to keep his distance, reduce the cooldown of his spells and make use of Thrall summons wisely, as reported in Inquisitr. The class, like other mage types, is a “glass cannon” which will get obliterated once the enemy gets close.

Aside from the additional class, the patch will also feature a new dungeon called “Naryu Labyrinth” which will surely confuse max players with its three randomly generated levels. Additionally, a new floor will be made available in the “Mushin’s Tower.”

The “Unchained” update is a follow-up of the “Rising Waters” patch released after the game was made available for North American and European players. The Western version is reported to be years behind in terms of content compared to its Eastern counterpart.

The Korean martial-arts fantasy MMO managed to acquire 2 million players during its Western release last January 19. Its initial launch was made exclusive for Eastern players last June 2012.