He has been a member of the Avengers team and also has a fair share of adventures to his credit. For all of those who have been wondering about Marvel’s new “Black Panther” film, read ahead to get all the dope. For starters, Moviepilot confirms that Ryan Coogler will direct this Marvel initiative. Chadwick Boseman will be reprising his role as the main character, T’Challa.

According to Comicbookmovie.com, Kevin Feige positioned Ryan Coogler as his personal choice for directing “Black Panther.” “We are fortunate to have such an esteemed filmmaker join the Marvel family. The talents Ryan showcased in his first two films easily made him our top choice to direct ‘Black Panther.’  Many fans have waited a long time to see Black Panther in his own film, and with Ryan we know we’ve found the perfect director to bring T’Challa’s story to life,” said Feige according to an official statement.

So who is T’Challa? Where is he from and who are his adversaries? For the uninitiated, Black Panther has been an important character in the Marvel universe for 50 years. T’Challa is heir to the African kingdom Wakanda. Wakanda, according to Moviepilot, is a highly advanced African nation known for its vast storehouse of the vibration-absorbing mineral, Vibranium. T’Challa is one of the eight smartest people on the planet. This helps his country in being known as one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world.

He does not have as many or as deadly enemies as Batman or Superman, but he still has to deal with a few lethal ones. Some of those are speculated to make it to the movie. Will Man-Ape, White Wolf, Erik Killmonger, Batroc The Leaper or Ulysses Klaue make the cut? Cinemablend speculates that it will be one of these five.