In case you missed it, fans of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” will enjoy more of Treyarch’s Double Weapon XP this coming weekend.

In a report by Express, “Black Ops 3” developer Treyarch confirmed on Twitter that players of the game in Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will have the chance to make progress from Thursday, November 26 (10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time) to Monday, November 30 (10 a.m. PST).

Through the Double Weapon XP, Express reports that players will be able to “unlock much needed attachment and camos for their chosen arsenal.”

Express also notes that the “Black Ops 3” Double Weapon XP run earlier in November was extended to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, it remains unclear whether the same will be applied over the weekend.

Design and Trend also clarifies that this week’s Double XP event will only be limited to weapon XP.

The website describes this as follows:

“Unlike last week’s Double XP event which counted towards multiplayer and Zombies XP, this week’s event will only be for weapon XP. This means you won’t get double overall experience points but you will receive extra points for your guns which will help you unlock attachments faster.”

If you are wondering how to maximize this Double Weapon XP event this Thanksgiving weekend, Gotta Be Mobile shares the advice given by David Vonderhaar, the Studio Design Director at Treyarch.

According to the website, Vonderhaar explains that Weapon XP is focused on levelling up weapons and unlocking attachments.

The studio design director also shares that the Weapon XP event will not give players free headshots; instead, when a player gets a headshot, he/she gets a medal.

Design and Trend also shares a list of guns that got nerfed or buffed from the latest patch for “Black Ops 3”. The list includes Razorback (damage range increased) and Pharo (close damage range slightly reduced).

For the complete list, you can visit the website here.