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BiIl Cosby Charged with Sexual Assault; Faces Jail Time?


Bill Cosby, who has been in the dark over sexual misconduct for decades, has been finally charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, The New York Times has reported.

The comedian was charged over his alleged drugging and sexual assault to a woman at his residence 12 years ago.

“The charge by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office came as no surprise, filed 12 years after the alleged incident and coming on the heels of a hotly contested election for this county’s DA during which this case was made the focal point,” Cosby’s attorneys said in a statement released after his arraignment Wednesday as quoted in CNN.

“Make no mistake, we intend to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge and we expect that Mr. Cosby will be exonerated by a court of law,” he continued.

Cosby’s image as a comedian was tarnished when a torrent of allegations against him appeared after he drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand in January 2004. In court papers, prosecutors say that the drugs were the cold medicine Benadryl or some other, unidentified substance.

The Associated Press has reported Cosby admitting to giving these drugs to at least one woman, according to court documents. Andrea was “frozen, paralysed, unable to move,” Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele said.

Dozens of women had come forward in protest and leveled similar accusations on the star of “The Cosby Show”. Prosecutors in court said there might more women who were similarly drugged and urged them to come forward and testify against Cosby.

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Cosby is charged with up to 5-10 years behind bars and a $25,000 fine for ‘aggravated indecent assault.’

Andrea, now 42, lives in Toronto and works full time as a massage therapist. Dolores Troiani, her attorney was happy with the charges and urged other victims to come forward as well.

The Daily Telegraph quoted the lawyer in saying: “Naturally it is troubling that it took until the eleventh hour for this day to arrive. She is hopeful that her patience has encouraged other victims to come forward.”

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