A new scandal rocked the “Biggest Loser” franchise as a former contestant threatens to sue the show for making her fat again.

Season 2 competitor Suzanne Mendonca alleged the “Biggest Loser” made her fat, unhealthy, and broke, CBS Local reported. She also presented more grim accusations against the show such as withholding water and overexercising the contestants. The publication cited excerpts of her interview with TMZ.

“They dehydrated us, they told us not to drink for 48 hours before a weigh-in. We would only eat 800 calories a day, and we’d actually workout eight hours a day,” she revealed. Mendonca also cited the havoc it wreaked on her metabolism that led to her weight gain.

“The reason why I gained my weight back is 100 percent because of The Biggest Loser, there is no question. There’s a research that just came out that [the show] disturbed and ruined our metabolic rate – they ruined us,” she added. Mendonca appeared earlier on “Fox & Friends” to reveal how the reality show ruined the lives of its contestants. She spoke of its dark side and shared that she had to put on 30 to 40 pounds prior to joining the show.

“They told me if I wanted to be on their reality show that I would need to gain an extra 30 to 40 pounds … [because] they wanted the contestants to drop a lot of weight during the show, and the bigger the weight, the more numbers you’ll see on the scale, completely unhealthy,” Mendoca said. She later revealed her intentions to round up other contestants to file a class action lawsuit versus the “Biggest Loser,” TMZ wrote.

However, Mendonca might have difficulty doing so as past winner Ali Vincent called her claims “preposterous.” Vincent, who won in Season 5, revealed her own weight gain dilemma. However, she blamed herself, not the show for it. She also said that she’s “working hard on her own” to lose the weight again, TMZ wrote in a separate post.

Joelle Gwynn, a former contestant from 2008, recently accused the show of drugging contestants. This is an allegation that former trainer and new host of the “Biggest Loser” Bob Harper denied as he maintained his “lifelong devotion to health and fitness,” Perez Hilton reported. On the other hand, season 17 contestant Jacky Kmet expressed her gratitude for the show in the midst of the controversy.