My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress, Lainie Kazan was hospitalized on April 9 after her car Lincoln SUV collided outside The Great Greek restaurant.The exact cause of the accident is unknown.

The eye witness of the case states that both the driver and the actress, 75 were conscious after the accident. Kazan has sustained injuries in her neck, In Touch Weekly reports. Her representative told People: “Lainie Kazan thanks her fans for their good wishes following an auto accident this past weekend. She is on the mend.”

Her vehicle drifted into another lane while she was driving in the valley and had a head-on-collision. The emergency vehicles immediately arrived on the spot and put her on neck brace and drove her to the hospital.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding became the “highest-grossing independent film of all time” according to IndieWire. After 15 years of success, the movie gets another sequel. Kazan was initially hesitant to play the role but was motivated by Tom Hanks. “I was invited up by my agent, who said, Tom Hanks is producing this movie, and he really would like to see you for the mother,” Kazan said. “We all sat around the kitchen table. He just puts everybody together and all of a sudden, you can’t help but be intimate with these people. He gives you things to talk about. So I thought, ‘Well, this is okay.”

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Kazan, who plays the role Maria Portokalos in the movie, is a typical Jewish mother who enjoys being with her family. The second sequel of the movie is about how Maria’s dream wedding came true. In real life, she had suffered from deep vein thrombosis (formation of blood clot in a vein) and  has created an awareness about the subject by educating people.