‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Spoilers: Leonard, Penny Get Married? Minister Joins Cast? [Rumors]


“The Big Bang Theory” characters Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) might walk down the aisle after all.

According to TVLine, the couple will “certainly get close to tying the knot” and the CBS hit comedy show is looking for a male actor in his fifties to play as a minister in the premiere episode of season nine. This suggests that the two will reach the chapel but the question remains – will they actually get married?

Executive producer Steve Molaro said during the San Diego Comic-Con last month, “We pick up a few hours after the Season 8 finale. Leonard and Penny were headed to Vegas, and we’re going to catch up with them right there,” the International Business Times reported.

The eighth season of “The Big Bang Theory” ended with two cliffhangers. First, Penny and Leonard eloped and while driving to Las Vegas for their impromptu wedding, Leonard confessed to Penny that he kissed another woman when he was drunk years ago. Second, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) broke up, leaving Sheldon wondering what to do with the engagement ring he bought.

Molaro declined to comment on the fate of the Sheldon-Amy relationship during Comic Con, but he said the question of whether Sheldon will propose to Amy will be answered in the premiere episode, the International Business Times noted.

“Right now, she [Amy] really wants to take a step back and think about where she is, where they are and how she wants to move forward in her life. I don’t think she’s necessarily in a rush to find another man, but I don’t think she’s ruling it out either,” Entertainment Weekly quoted Molaro saying,

Cinema Blend said Bialik has signed on for season nine.

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 9 returns on a new timeslot and will premiere on Sept 21 at 8 pm on CBS.

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