‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Premiere: 6 Spoilers of Episode 1


Attention to all avid viewers of the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory,” the latest bits about Season 9 are now on a roll. Here are the hottest spoilers for Episode 1.

Season 8 left us with a big cliffhanger on the casts’ love story. While a previous article revealed that Melissa Tang will be joining the gang as Mandy — the other woman that Leonard (Johnny Galecki) kissed — it has been speculated that we can still expect a wedding between Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) and him.

On the other hand, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) relationship might still be on the rocks, Fox News reported. Amy told him that she wanted to take a “step back and re-evaluate” their romance. It is still unclear whether the two of them will finally call it off, though.

Show’s executive producer Steve Molano gave a hint about Amy and Sheldon’s real score.

“I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say they don’t make up by the end [of the episode],” Molano told TV Guide, quotes Fox.

“It’s rough on both of them. I think [it’s] like a divorce in the beginning and it’s yet another thing that Sheldon and Amy and all seven of them need to navigate separately and as a group.”

Here are the Episode 1 spoilers, according to the source.

1. Leonard and Penny’s wedding could be seen by their pals through online streaming. “Technology is our friend here,” Molano added.

2. Penny would be unprepared for their wedding vows.

3. Leonard will confront Mandy.

4. Sheldon and Amy might be ready to look for “other fish in the sea.”

5. Sheldon will be a “third wheeler” between Leonard and Penny.

“The first main challenge is living arrangements and the Sheldon of it all. [Leonard] has to move out,” Molano explained.

6. Amy’s surname could be revealed as “Hofstadter.”

In other news, TBBT’s Kunnal Nayyar, who plays the nerdy Dr. Raj Koothrappali, released his book entitled “Yes, My Accent Is Real: And Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You,” The Daily Mail reported. The book is about his biography.

Catch “Big Bang Theory” Season 9 in CBS on Monday.

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