Fans of the Big Bang Theory might want to sit down for this as rumors about their favorite sitcom hint at its possible cancellation sooner or later.

The Big Bang Theory recently premiered its 10th season last September 19. Excitement for the first episode resounded as it promised a family reunion, a wedding, and a possible new roommate for Sheldon. Thus, despite speculations of this being its last season, all seemed well once again for the show and its cast .

Yet could the high cost of production be grounds for concern once again? Apparently, each episode of the popular TV series has a price tag of about US $ 9 million dollars. More than half of this goes to the salaries of its actors. Kaley Cuoco is at number 2 on Forbes’ list of highest paid TV actresses in the world. She along with Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons earn US $ 1 million per episode. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are not far behind at US $ 900,000 per episode.

However, looming contract negotiations for its key cast members namely Kaley, Johnny, and Jim posed a problem should they ask for a higher rate. Thus, would the network opt to cancel the show instead than pay more? Perhaps not.

Is the Big Bang Theory coming to an end?

CBS is well aware of the value the sitcom brings to the network. Aside from bragging rights, it preserves their good relationship with creator Chuck Lorre. Hence, keeping an eye on future projects with the sitcom whiz, noted. CBS boss Glenn Geller allayed fears early on about the network’s commitment to keep the show going as long as everyone involved wants to do so. The sentiment among the stars about the show’s fate is reportedly unanimous according to Variety.

“At this point in the show’s history, the spirit among the stars is so strong that the incentive to strike a new deal will be less about securing a huge raise and more about protecting the show’s legacy in what is expected to be its final seasons,” Variety wrote. Thus, enough reason for fans to remain optimistic about the future of the Big Bang Theory.