Get ready for the massively entertaining 200th episode of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory.” Sara Gilbert, Christine Baranski and many more will return to visit Sheldon and the gang in their Pasadena home. 60s Batman star Adam West is also slated to guest star on this monumental episode, which will air on February 25.

CBS has mentioned that while Adam West will guest in person for the first time on the 200th episode, he has often been mentioned before. West was first mentioned during Season 3, when Penny revealed that she had never heard of him. It was then that Sheldon made his impression of the character’s infamous introduction, “I’m Batman,” which he and the team later on used on various occasions.

Hollywood Life informs that actors Wil Wheaton and John Ross Bowie will reprise their roles on the episode. Wil Wheaton is Sheldon’s enemy-turned-friend and Bowie plays the role of Barry Kripke is his rival. “The Good Wife” actress Christine Baranski will reprise her role too as Leonard’s mother and Sara Gilbert will return as Leslie Winkle.

According to TV Line, while the others have been fairly regular on the show, Gilbert’s Winkle is the only character that will make a comeback after the Season 3 finale. She was last seen when Leonard catches up with her looking for a quickie after his split from Penny.

In addition to Adam West, “The Big Bang Theory” has managed to rope in some known names to guest star in the show. The shows roster of guest stars includes Bob Newhart as Dr. Arthur Jeffries, and Jane Kaczmarek as Dr. Sarita Gallo, a psychiatrist. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, also guest starred on the show as himself interacting with Howard at a local soup kitchen. Finally there was Adam Nimoy, the writer and director (in real life), who filmed Sheldon in a documentary about his father, Leonard. Other equally dazzling stars and personalities including Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and Stephen Hawking have graced the show in the past.