Beyonce Pregnant Again; Jay Z Divorce on Hold?


A lot has been written and said about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s divorce and as quite a change, now comes the news that the couple could possibly be working on their marriage.

As noted by Youth Health, the couple have probably just hit the pause button on the divorce and may after all decide to go ahead with it in the future. The reason for probably not going ahead with it for now may just be that Beyonce is pregnant.

You read that right! As shared by Celeb Dirty Laundry, pointing to an interview on In Touch Magazine, the site revealed that the couple are on a vacation in Italy and are working on their relationship issues. Reportedly, with the second child on the way, the couple intends to keep their family together for the sake of Blue Ivy and to-be-born child.

A source told In Touch Magazine, “Right when she made up her mind that she was finally leaving Jay, within days she found out that she is pregnant. She took two home pregnancy tests and both came back positive.”

The article suggests that the two are also taking “couple’s therapy,” indicating they are working hard on their relationship. Apparently, Jay-Z has also been pampering and spoiling Beyonce since the news of the baby. Celeb Dirty Laundry notes the songstress thinks that the baby could indeed be the glue that brings the couple together.

Commenting on her pregnancy, the source revealed, “She is having a pretty rough pregnancy so far, with pretty bad morning sickness. It has been emotionally trying as well.”

Only a few days ago, photos of the couple vacationing in Italy, indulging in PDA, surfaced and much questions were raised on its sincerity. But with this news pouring in, the terrible rumors about the couple and their divorce may just probably take a dip. Also, we are quite sure the paparazzi will be awaiting the sight of the baby bump to confirm details.

Fans can keep coming back for more updates on the couple.

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