Is Beyoncé pregnant? Though she has yet to confirm this, HollywoodLife reveals how her actions during the rehearsals for her upcoming Super Bowl 2016 halftime show speak for itself.

“Beyoncé has been telling cameras where to shoot her specifically, she has been very careful moving around on stage and she has been snacking throughout rehearsals more than expected,” the HollywoodLife insider said.

The insider added, “She hasn’t told anyone whether she is or not but she also hasn’t denied it or debunked it to the crew. Plus there hasn’t been any reveal that she is going to rub her stomach or tell people she is pregnant during the show.”

News of her pregnancy began in October 2015. Earlier reports even showed pics of the Queen Bey’s supposed baby bump.

Fueling the news was her attire at daughter Blue’s fourth birthday party in January. The singer wore a baggy sweatshirt as shown in a pic posted by HollywoodLife.

With the lack of confirmation about her pregnancy, Hollywood Take asks what many are wondering. Will Jay Z’s wife announce her pregnancy at Super Bowl 2016?

According to InTouch weekly, this is likely to happen based on a new report. Their source said, Beyoncé “loves the element of surprise.”

Hence, it would be similar to her first baby announcement during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

Earlier news revealed the couple turned to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to conceive their second child. Her second pregnancy also reportedly deferred divorce talks between the couple.

In an earlier report from HollywoodLife, it revealed Beyonce wants to give Jay Z a son. Based on the news, she has been talking to Kim Kardashian who recently gave birth to Saint, her son with Kanye West.

Their source said the relationship between Kardashian’s son and husband amazes Beyonce. She reportedly wants the same experience for husband Jay Z.