Beyonce Jay Z Divorce? Working on ‘Post-Nup’ Agreement


Are Beyonce and Jay Z finally headed for Splitsville?

RadarOnline.com reports that the power couple is finalizing an “ironclad post-nup.”  Mr. and Mrs. Carter already have a pre-nuptial agreement in place. However, an insider told Radar that “it’s needed updating for some time” since the couple has amassed an empire in the last couple of years since they got married.

The post-nuptial agreement is set to detail how their combined $1 billion fortune would be divided in case of divorce, “right down to the last dime.”

The insider also told Radar that the pair has “negotiated 50-50 custody terms.” They have also reportedly set aside trust funds for their daughter, Blue Ivy and any future children. They also negotiated who gets what properties and possessions if and when they separate.

“When they went through their roughest period last year, they both agreed it was time to re-clarify certain aspects of their agreement,” added the insider.  However, it took a legal team months to go through all the pair’s assets with a “fine-tooth comb.”

It was previously reported that the couple has not been sleeping together anymore and has been living separately in their new house. This despite songwriter Glass John confirming a Beyonce-Jay Z album is in the works.

CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com meanwhile reports that the post-nup was rushed by Jay Z out of fear that cheating allegations may surface.  Divorce rumors have been following Beyonce and Jay Z for quite a while now, but they have been keeping mum about it.

In an interview with  Heat Mag, Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles previously defended her daughter’s marriage, saying the rumors didn’t mean anything to Beyonce.

CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com also admits that it’s also possible that the couple might just be being “prudent and proactive in updating their financial arrangements” given how much money they are both worth now.

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