Beyonce Jay Z Divorce? Rents $45M Home After Being Forced Out


America’s popular “hip hop” couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, are moving on to a better house, reports claim.

TMZ reports that Beyonce and Jay Z are now renting a place in Holmby Hills which is priced at $45 million. It was previously owned by L.A. Dodgers owner, Frank McCourt.

The site mentions that McCourt sold the property to a British billionaire but “the new owner was hardly in L.A.”  So, he put it up for lease at $150,000 per month.

Sources have told TMZ that Beyonce and Jay Z have signed a one year contract and has moved in last weekend.

The Daily Mail mentioned that the couple was “forced to move” as the owner of their previous house in Holmby Hills decided to sell the property. Their previous rent was also at $150,000 per month.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s new house is said to be “a gorgeous mansion” with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Moreover, it has an an olympic sized indoor and outdoor pool, “waterfall and large landscaped gardens.”

Aside from their new home, the couple also owns an Apartment in Tribeca, New York. However, they believe that Los Angeles is “a better place to raise their daughter”, as posted on the site.

“At 20,600 square feet, their three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy will have plenty of room to play,” the Daily Mail notes.

However, the rumours on the couple’s divorce was not out of question.

Previously, there were rumours that the rapper had an affair with Kim Kardashian, and online PDA photos of the couple were reported to be “staged.” Jay Z was also reported to have cheated on Beyonce with singer Rita Ora.

According to Franchise Herald, Beyonce and Jay Z are about to announce the details of their divorce soon.

An insider told the site that Beyonce “is sick of keeping up the ruse of happiness and she’s done.” The insider went on by saying that Beyonce avoided questions about their marriage, “but in private, she’s already told friends and family that she’s moving forward with her life.”

What do you think of the couple’s new home? Do you think they’re really getting a divorce?

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