Beyonce and Jay Z have been hounded with divorce rumours for a while now. But up until now, this is just but a rumour.  In fact, another buzz about an upcoming baby is the latest about them. Is the power couple staying together because they are expecting another child?

According to Radar Online, the “Formation” singer is not currently pregnant. But her rapper husband wants that to change soon. “He’s wanted Beyonce to get pregnant for the past two years now,” an insider told Radar. “The fact that Beyonce is going on tour and doing so much right now has Jay Z freaked out…He knows that it will be at least another two years before they can revisit the option of his wife getting pregnant,” the source explained. “Jay Z really wanted to have a child that was close in age to Blue.”

The couple’s first daughter, Blue Ivy, is four years old now. Should she expect a little brother or sister soon? According to another source, she would remain an only child if her mom had her way. “She has just been so focused on herself and her career that she told him, straight up, it is not going to happen,” the source said.

Meanwhile, according to US Weekly, Jay Z will be busy with another record soon. “Jay Z is working on an album telling his side of things,” a source told US. His wife earlier shocked fans with the HBO video special and album, “Lemonade.” Fans believe that certain songs from the album refer to her husband’s infidelity.

The songstress’ dad and former manager, however, defended the couple. “People want to make it about her,” Mathew Knowles told US. “Maybe she dug deep and made it about something we all could relate to.”

A source, meanwhile, insisted Beyonce was really singing about her marriage.”The album says it all…It explains how she and Jay got through their problems,” the source said.