Beyonce, Jay Z Divorce? ‘Never At Home Anymore’


Is divorce on the horizon for Beyonce and Jay Z? Has the “Formation” singer reached her breaking point? Is she really getting ready to move out of their home in Los Angeles?

According to Radar Online, the A-list couple’s marriage is continuing to “crumble.” The “Drunk In Love” collaborators are reportedly “living separate lives” already.

“Beyonce is never at home anymore…It seems like [she] has been out of the house as much as possible over the past couple of weeks,” a source told Radar. The “Holy Grail” rapper meanwhile has been lashing out at members of their household staff. “Jay Z is in [an expletive] mood lately and seems like he does not want to talk to anyone for any reason,” the source explained.

It was previously reported that the couple has been sleeping in different bedrooms for months now. Radar’s source confirms this. “They continue to sleep in separate bedrooms and are hardly ever home at the same time anymore…[Their] rooms [are] on opposite sides of a long hallway, with [their daughter’s] room in between them,” the insider said. The couple moved into their Holmby Hills mansion last year. The western LA home is priced at around A$ 60 million ($45 million). The power couple has been renting it for A$ 202 thousand ($150 thousand) a month.

Inquisitr previously suggested that the “If I Were A Boy” singer might just be going on tour to escape her marital problems. Is Queen Bey really just trying distract herself from her crumbling marriage?

Jay-Z and Beyonce have been married for seven years. Speculation that they might not make it to eight years has been hounding the couple for a while now. The celebrity couple earlier finalized an “iron-clad” post-nuptial agreement. The agreement reportedly broke down how their billion-dollar combined fortune would be divided in case of divorce.

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