Beyonce caught the attention of media once again after launching her new album “Lemonade” in HBO on April 23 that reportedly hints Jay Z’s infidelity. However, Rihanna believes that Queen Bey’s husband is “committed” and is not cheating.

A source told Hollywood Life that Rihanna thinks that the cheating rumours are unjust because the rapper is loyal to his wife. The controversy sparked that Jay Z has an alleged affair with Rachel Roy and previously, with Rita Ora.

“Rihanna loves Beyoncé and respects her as a woman, friend, and an artist. The same goes for Jay. He’s been nothing but loyal to Rihanna over the years and a true gentleman and she thinks the fans are giving him a raw deal over ‘Lemonade,'” the insider claimed.

“Ri loves that man (Jay-Z) to pieces and doesn’t believe he has it in him to cheat. He’s a family man, who loves his wife and that beautiful girl of his,” the source continued.

With such strong belief, the source explained that RiRi’s vantage point has a lot to explain that the rumours are not true. “He’s the boss of all bosses; mature, educated and very suave. She places him on a pedestal and believes he’s committed to Bey.”

Notably, Rachel Roy was dragged into the issue when she reportedly slammed Beyonce due to the “Lemonade” song lyrics. According to Mashable, the Rocawear creative director had worked with Jay Z so rumour has it that they have had an affair going on for years.

Moreover, several reasons about the possible divorce have been present on the news but the couple stays mum about it. In one instance, there was a report that Beyonce has “mental issues,” and there are hearsays that they could not stop fighting in front of their 4-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

Readers might wait for the couple’s statement anytime soon.