Beyonce, Jay Z Divorce Final? Caught in a Screaming Match

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Are Beyonce and Jay Z finally getting a divorce?

According to Life and Style Magazine, a split may be in the horizon for the celebrity couple given how they had been acting lately. The couple reportedly went head to head in a “nasty” screaming match at their Bel Air rental estate recently.

“[Beyoncé] was screaming at [Jay Z] at the top of her lungs,” an insider explained. “[She] told him that she just could not deal with it anymore!” Could this be the last straw?

According to Radar Online, it just might be. “This recent fight seemed to be one of their worst!” an insider told the celebrity gossip site. “[They have] been living in separate bedrooms in their house pretty much since they moved in,” Radar added.

Inquisitr meanwhile suggests that the “Formation” singer might just be going on tour as a “distraction.”

Rumours of a divorce have been hounding the power couple for a while now. The “Drunk in Love” collaborators earlier finalized an “iron-clad” post-nuptial agreement. The document reportedly detailed how their billion-dollar combined fortune would be divided in case they decide to break up.

The couple reportedly admitted to having their “roughest period” last year. After this, “they both agreed it was time to re-clarify certain aspects of their agreement,” a source earlier disclosed.  The couple did have a pre-nuptial agreement. However, they still found it necessary to update it.  The source said, it took months for a legal team to comb through all their assets.

It was earlier reported that the couple has had “intense fights” in front of their daughter, Blue Ivy. However, it was previously confirmed that the couple is working on an album together.

The A-list couple has been married for seven years now. Will they still make it to eight? Stay tuned.

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