Beyonce, Jay Z Divorce: Cousin Shanica Knowles Reveals Couple’s Darkest Secret


Beyonce shocked the world with the release of her new album “Lemonade.” As expected, the album has led to more infidelity rumours and speculation of divorce. Beyonce’s cousin Shanica Knowles has shockingly spilt all the inside details on Queen Bey and Jay Z’s rocky relationship.

During a recent interview with the British magazine Heat, Shanica put Beyonce’s music into perspective to drop clues about her stance on the marriage. There are a lot of instances throughout the eight songs on the album that indicate Jay Z cheated on Beyonce. The album dropped on April 23 after her HBO special.

Fans quickly pointed their fingers to Rachel Roy for allegedly being “Becky with the good hair” from the song “Sorry.”

Mirror reported that just a few hours after Lemonade aired, Roy posted a photo on (her now-private) Instagram that read, “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self-truths, always. live in the light #nodramaqueens.”

That was all the Internet needed to confirm that there was trouble in Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage. Shanica talked about their struggles and it turns out that Lemonade was a major part of Beyonce’s healing process.

“Beyonce’s been encouraged to write about the affair rumors to help her deal with it all and help her determine whether she could work through everything or had to end the marriage,” she explained.

Shanica revealed that Beyonce and Jay Z have actually split up multiple times. However, Beyonce is still not willing to throw in the towel.

Beyonce actually has high hopes for this album, and her expectations involve more than just record sales. She’s actually hoping the album helps to repair their marriage. She’s reportedly determined to make things work.

Despite Shanica’s claims about Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage, the statements have yet to be confirmed or denied. But based on the couple’s reputation when it comes to addressing rumours, fans won’t be getting their answers anytime soon.

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