Beyonce Jay Z Divorce: Bey has Mental Health Issues? [Rumors]


Beyonce is sexy as always on the cover of Vogue magazine September 2015 edition. However, unlike all other cover models of the magazine world’s holy grail, the singer refused to have an interview with the magazine. Many are now questioning, “What’s wrong with Beyonce?”

The “Pretty Hurts” singer on the covers seems to be a perfect fit. However, writer Margo Jefferson was surprised to learn that Bey wouldn’t say a word to the publication.

“It was definitely posed to me as…call it a think piece if you want,” Jefferson, a Pulitzer Prize winner, told New York Times. “I had no contact with her camp.”

NY Times also noted that this is the first time in five years that a celebrity cover model did not “submit to some type of interview,” noting that in her past two covers she did have her interviews.

However, the site also noted that around 2013 to 2014, the singer has stopped giving face-to-face interviews.

Many are now questioning the singer and her decisions.

“Either Beyonce is a total diva, and ‘too famous’ to even sit down with a reporter from Vogue Magazine. Or, there is another possibility. Beyonce’s rumored mental health issues have her team concerned, and they thought it best that they didn’t give the singer an opportunity to put her foot in her own mouth,” Celeb Dirty Laundry wrote.

Notably, a video of Beyonce at a 2014 NBA game showed seemingly spaced out. She was swaying to no music and staring blankly into space.

While the video posted close to a year ago doesn’t prove anything, it is still one theory people are looking as a possibility of her going through some issues.

Then there are the rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z are going through some tough time and may headed for a divorce. Should this be true, denying an interview while she goes through such a hard time seems like a reasonable decision.

Either way, one thing we can confirm — Beyonce looks gorgeous on that Vogue September cover.

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