Best Workout & Diet Plans on How to Lose Weight


Among the numerous theories that are developed every day about working out your body to the perfect shape, people are still completely jumbled up whether to have Green Tea and Honey everyday to curb belly fat or to use tummy slimming products that pop up every now and then to get instant results.

The core concept of fat reduction is metabolism and calorie burning. A scientific approach towards every aspect in life will bring more logic and sense to humans.

Metabolism is one integral component of the weight loss concept. It is basically the body’s natural ability to burn and scrap away the excess junk, but for some reason this process gets obstructed, thereby resulting into unwanted body fat.

When we make an error while writing, we erase only the part that needs to be rectified very conveniently. That is exactly how we need to erase or rather burn the extra amount of calories that we consume.

In Layman’s language, the excess amount of fat which is not used up by the body gets accumulated in a particular area as a residue. As no element of nature can escape gravity, the fat residue follows a vertical downward path and the residue settles in the lower parts of the body ninety percent of the time.

Simple exercises like pushups and a jog for an hour would burn fat very effectively. According to a report on Men’s Fitness, exercise scientist, Jeffrey M.Willardson, speaks about these basic cardio exercises which help better when done in regular repetitions with dedication. He says do each exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions, using weights that produce fatigue but not failure, and go from one move to the next without stopping. The expert recommends repeating the circuit one to three times, every other day.

Basic stomach crunches which pressure the lower ab and the hips can be substantially effective for a fat burn session and several front lunges and push ups can kill the extra chunks of flesh. However, these basic exercises listed down, as per, can boost up the fat curbing mission along with food that increase metabolism.


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