Best Hangover Cure Found by Australian Scientists! Juice Will Save You from Headache

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Good news for alcohol lovers! The best cure for hangover has been found by a group of Australian scientist and it’s just a simple fruit juice.

A new study conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia found that drinking Korean pear juice before alcohol consumption could reduce the effects of hangover.

The researchers measured the effects of Korean pear juice by using a scale of 14 common symptoms, the Daily Meal wrote. They found that the effects of the hangover were “significantly reduced” by drinking about 220 ml of juice and by consumption of whole pears.

“It appears that the factors in Korean pears act on the key enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) to speed up alcohol metabolism and elimination or inhibition of alcohol absorption,” Lead researcher Manny Noakes said, the International Business Times reported.

Noakes also added that the “overall hangover severity” was reduced significantly by the fruit compared to other hangover remedies.

“The overall hangover severity was significantly reduced in the Korean (Asian) pear group compared with those having a placebo drink, with the most pronounced effect seen on the specific symptom of trouble concentrating”, he explained, the Daily Mail noted.

CSIRO researchers said those who are suffering from hangover could feel up to 21 percent better because of the Korean pear juice.

They, however, stressed that the juice will be effective if it is consumed before alcohol bingeing and not after.

Noakes also added that further studies are needed to confirm the same result could be achieved if other varieties of pear will be used, the International Business Times wrote. The only type of pear tested in the study was the Korean or Asian pear.

CSIRO has been working with Horticulture Innovation Australia to discover the hidden benefits of pears.

Aside from reducing the effect of hangover, Korean or Asian pear has also been found to “lower cholesterol, relieve constipation and have anti-inflammatory effects,” the Independent said.

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