Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have one thing in common. Both want to be the next president of the United States. But, apart from the obvious, here are five other similarities which these political rivals share.


Both Sanders and Trump are seen as anti-establishment personalities. For the Democrat, it is a battle against one of the most renowned politicians in the world. For Trump, it is against a number of seasoned politicians from the Republican Party. Trump is practically an “outsider” as he is from real estate background.

Super PAC Funding

Neither Sanders not Trump depends on Super PACs to fund their campaign. Trump claims to self-fund his campaign, which is credible for a billionaire like him. Sanders, on the other hand, depends on small donors. Sanders has been highly critical about corporate funding in elections.

According to Open Secrets, 66 percent of Trump’s election funds is self-financed. The rest comes from individual contributors, both small and large. Sanders, however, received 98 percent of his financing from individual contributions. Both have zero financing from Super PACs.


Both the candidates are hugely popular, if polls are to be believed. While Iowa caucuses did not go well for Trump, his popularity on paper continues. Sanders has a huge fan following among the American youth.

According to the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll, Trump (42 percent) is way ahead of his nearest rival Ted Cruz (20 percent). For the Democrat, of course, it is not an easy battle as Clinton has a huge voter base as well.

Foreign Policy

The similarity does not lie in their proposed foreign policies. They are distinctly different in that. While Trump wants US ground troops in Syria, Sanders wants to withdraw US troops from the Middle East.

The similarity, however, lies in the inexperience. According to Jay Michaelson on The Daily Beast, even Sanders’ supporters know that he’s inexperienced on foreign policy. Trump’s extreme foreign policies have already scared neighbours like Canada.


Both Sanders and Trump seem angry. According to them, they are angry because of the way America is being run. They are known for their strong vocal cords. They never hesitate to show how angry they are.