Bella Thorne found the courage to speak up about her personal life, thanks to Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile.

The young actress seemed to take a cue from Kristen Stewart. Recently, the actress announced she is bisexual following pictures of her kissing another woman. Her revelation follows her breakup from Gregg Sulkin. This could likely parallel the events in Kristen’s own life. On several occasions, photos of her with another woman came out after her separation from Robert Pattinson, yet she refused to comment then.

Thus, the hope of Kristen Stewart to give a positive image to same-sex relationship seems effective. The Twilight star recently came forward about her romance with Alicia Cargile. Previously, the actress kept her personal life a secret. It kept everyone guessing if she was or was not. Thus, her candidness is both refreshing and heartening, as she looks happy and healthy because of it. Apparently, Bella Thorne and Kristen Stewart are not close friends. Yet the recent actions of the Twilight actress proved inspiring for her to speak out.

“Bella was inspired by her contemporary Kristen to reveal her sexual preference. While she doesn’t know Kristen personally, Bella admires her bravery and the way she has dealt with the media intrusion in her personal life. Like Kristen, Bella feels we live in a day and age now where who you hook up with is irrelevant when it comes to your career,” a source told Hollywood Life exclusively.

Bella Thorne is thankful for the support of fans

Although she has come out, Bella clarified the status of her personal life on Twitter in response to a fan question. Apparently, she is single. Thus, the girl with her in the picture is not her girlfriend. As it turns out, Bella Pendergast is the ex-girlfriend of her brother.

Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin announced their split last August 15. They dated for a year. However, their respective work schedules made it difficult to sustain the relationship. Nevertheless, they remain friends who respect one another deeply.