‘Beauty and the Beast’ Movie: 7 Fun Facts About ‘Beast’ Dan Stevens


“Beauty and the Beast” is not expected to release until March 2017, but even now the movie is creating quite a few headlines. Whether it be Emma Watson’s first look as Belle or the songs being included in the Disney live action musical, fans can’t get enough of the updates.

We already know that Dan Stevens will be taking on the role of the fallen prince, cursed into being a beast. Stevens is popular for playing the character, Matthew Crawley, in the renowned British period drama “Downtown Abbey.”

While everyone is crazy about Watson playing the bookish Belle, we delve in to what makes Stevens tick and have listed out 7 Fun Facts about the actor for his fans across the globe.

1. He is a Rebellious Kid

Adopted at birth, Stevens grew to be a rebellious teenager and has confessed to never wanting to fit in. However, he was good at academics and even made for a brilliant performer — things that set him apart for many to sit up and take notice.

2. He played Macbeth at 13.

Stevens was interested in being a performer from a very young age and for him one of the defining moments happened to be when he landed the role of Macbeth at 13, in spite of the fact that he was competing with 18 and 19-year olds for the part.

3.  He is very much in love.

Stevens has been married for 9 years now, but he is still very much bestowed by the love of his life, Susie Hariet. As reported by Daily Mail, the actor couldn’t keep his hand off his better half at the London’s Barbican theatre, where the duo was present for the opening night of Hamlet.

4. Father to a boy and a girl.

Many may not be aware but the handsome star is a father to Willow and Aubrey Stevens. And Willow has a very popular godmother — actress Rebecca Hall.

5. He loves his “Downtown Abbey” castmates.

Early last month, the actor reunited with his “Downtown Abbey” team in a special event at BAFTA, as reported by Business Standard. Stevens character was killed in a car crash in Season 3 and since was missed by fans for not being alongside his beloved Lady Mary.

6. He love for U.K.

Stevens is much in love with the city and knows where people should be heading to have a good time in UK. He also has his favourite spots in the city which he frequents, and he also loves the English Breakfast Tea.

7. The Blonde Attraction

The “Downtown Abbey” star believes that its more fun having blonde hair, since it gets him all the attention and black hair may not work as much in his favor. Irrespective of his choice, we are sure there will be no dearth of fans for this handsome actor.

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