‘Beauty and the Beast’ Movie 2017: Emma Watson ‘Makes Me Sick’ Says Luke Evans

Wikimedia/ Gage Skidmore

Emma Watson may have been propelled to stardom by the hit “Harry Potter” series, but her new movie will make known as a singer too. The actress recently revealed her talent of singing with the “Hobbit” actor Luke Evans, who she co-stars in “Beauty and the Beast” movie.

While at Toronto International Film Festival, Evans told MTV that Watson is a “feisty” woman.

“She epitomizes what Belle should be in the 21st century to young girls; she’s a strong woman. We all know Emma as Emma, a strong woman, she has a voice, she uses it very effectively and I admire her for that. She’s brought some of that to Belle,” the actor who will play Gaston in the Disney film revealed.

As for the actress singing, who will play the role of Belle in the movie, Evan was very impressed.

“Great singing voice to boot. She’s a triple threat. Makes me sick,” Evans said.

Luke also had his share of singing in the live-action movie. He sang live on set during filming “Beauty and the Beast” although the songs were prerecorded.

“I’m lucky enough to be one of the first people in the world to hear those two songs, which will become songs that children will sing, adults will sing, people in musicals will end up singing them at some point, they’ll become audition piece, they will become part of this amazing legacy of a film we already have, a story that is so ingrained in our — in my childhood memory,” Evans noted, quotes Moviefone.

Filming has already started for the live-action version of the popular Disney animated film.

“Beauty and the Beast” releases on March 17, 2017.

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