‘Battleborn’ Open Beta & Season Pass Details; Everything You Need to Know!

Gearbox Software has revealed the details for the open beta test and even the Season Pass for their FPS MONA hybrid Battleborn. Previously held their closed beta test last year, Battleborn is almost ready for a full launch and to test out their server capabilities, so that an open beta will be held this April.

IGN shared the info about the said beta test and even the Season Pass.  The open beta test already started for the PlayStation 4 users as part of the exclusive deal with Sony and Gearbox Software, while PC and Xbox One users will have to wait until April 13 to get their hands on the open beta. The download size for the game may vary: 8.5 GB for the PS4, 11 GB for the Xbox One and 12 GB for the PC. The beta test will include two story mode missions and three competitive multiplayer modes which include Incursion and Meltdown.

The beta will feature 25 characters, each with unique game styles and abilities. It will have progression systems and equip gear and acquire new loot in every mission and matches. Unfortunately, those who played the open beta test would not be able to carry over their character progressions to the full game. The PS4 users who participated in the beta will get a free DLC add-on as well as unlock a new character named Alani for free.

Aside from the open beta info, the Season Pass for Battleborn was also revealed. The Season Pass will include five DLC add-ons for the game, which will include new PvE stories, new items, exclusive skins and more. The season pass can be acquired for $20. A digital deluxe version of the game is also available for $75 for all platforms, which include the season pass and other cosmetic items.

Battleborn will be battle ready on May 3 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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