‘Batman vs Superman’ New Trailer & Plot: Lex Luthor has Kryptonite, Batman Will Use Against Clark


“Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the talk of the town recently. The new trailer of the movie, which debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, is now available online, and some rumored plots have finally been revealed for the 2016 anticipated superhero movie.

According to WhatCulture, rumors are confirmed that Lex Luthor has Kryptonite. However, Batman will steal it from LexCorp and will use it against Superman.

Additional insights from the source says the human Lex Luthor holds the key to defeating the caped crusader. But how he got the Kryptonite and the details about what he knows are still a mystery.

Other revelations in the trailer include Robin confirmed to be dead, Holly Hunter is a US senator and Zod’s body is with Lex.

While the trailer settled rumors about the film, it still received mix reactions from fans.

As reported by Forbes, there are some “problems” with the trailer.

“The idea of Batman and Superman waging war on one another strikes me as the sort of plot that works a lot better in a comic book or TV show than on the silver screen,” the site wrote.

Forbes also pointed out that the trailer was “too dark and gritty” as Justice League and Superman used to be “little brighter and more colorful.” Not to mention the fact that Jesse Eisenberg playing the villain made them worry as well.

Despite the “problems” about the trailer, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will continue to be a highly anticipated movie by fans and movie buffs, especially the avid fans of DC Comics.

The movie is set to be released on March 25, 2016.

You can watch the new trailer of “Batman vs Superman” below.

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