‘Batman vs Superman’ Mobile Game Launched; How to Play ‘Who Will Win?’

Batman vs Superman

Now that the world is close to see “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” in the cinemas, Warner Bros. is on a marketing spree to further hype up its upcoming blockbuster. There’s a new mobile game based on the upcoming film, alongside a new wave of mobile marketing products to target its die-hard fans.

Dubbed as “Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win?” the new game for mobile devices is an endless runner that features the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel running across the maze, jumping from traps, and sliding through obstacles that are getting in their way.

Both Batman and Superman will sometimes take the battle to the skies. Similar to endless runners like “Temple Run,” “Minions,” and “Sonic Dash,” among other games that have been rehashed countless of times, “Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win?” comes with other items that you can collect to improve the stats of each superhero and help them on their adventures.

“Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win?” can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes App Store. If you don’t like playing on mobile devices and you prefer playing on your computer, you can simply use your favorite browser and head to the official website of the game.

That isn’t the only thing Warner Bros. has hidden up its sleeve. Apparently, the company has also released an official set of “Batman vs Superman” emojis that you can use on Twitter. All the iconic superheroes have their own. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor are featured in their emoji glory so you can pledge your support for the upcoming film no less. What’s more, there’s a new line of stickers on Facebook.

It’s only a couple of weeks now until “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits the big screen, so you can easily expect Warner Bros. to continue its push in marketing its blockbuster.



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