ANN has been regularly giving you all the news about “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.” Whether it is Lauren Cohan being cast as Batman’s Mum, Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor or even news about Doomsday being real and Batman being angrier.

Latest to do the rounds is about Ezra Miller’s role. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” star is set to play the role of Flash in “Batman v Superman.” The question now is will he join Team Batman or will he join forces with Clarke Kent’s Superman?

Sources close to the movie indicate that it might be the former. Cinema Blend reports that in the course of the movie, Ben Affleck’s Batman will infiltrate Lexcorp. He will see a blur that stops a robbery while analysing surveillance footage there. So, we can assume that he is firmly stationed on Team Batman. Does that mean we will see him in a few scenes in the movie? Cinema Blend argues that it might not be so because there will be a speedy blur, an indication of existence of Flash.

Movie pilot reports spotting Scoot McNairy wearing green socks on the sets of “Batman v Superman.” This led to a brief debate about his character, with some claiming that its was McNairy playing Flash. The news was immediately debunked as Ezra Miller was pencilled in for the role. It is now being argued if McNairy would be playing Jimmy Olsen, who gets injured during the Battle of Metropolis and is now wheelchair-bound.

Cinema Blend further reports that Miller was signed on almost a year back for the role of Flash. It is rumoured that this is a part of the plan wherein members of the Justice League make at least a cameo appearance in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” before shooting their own solo films.

Ezra’s Flash will literally be a blink-and-miss performance in “Batman v Superman.” However, he might get his own movie in the next two years.