The first Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice premiere reactions are here. Moments after the credit rolled, reactions to the film began to erupt on social media.

There is an immense pressure for the $250 million blockbuster. Zach Snyder’s Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is portraying two of the biggest comic book heroes of all time against each other, for the first time in a film.

The Dark Knight fans have nothing to worry about, as early social media reviews of the movie showed that the response is extremely positive.

Regram from @benaffleck: Thank you to everyone for bringing such awesome energy to #BatmanvSuperman tonight!

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While director Zach Snyder has done his job perfectly, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is being considered as an adrenaline-driven victory. According to some audience members, Ben Affleck is their “favourite” Batman, says The Telegraph UK.

There have been silent screenings for selected critics earlier that weekend, these are reactions from regular folks, fanboys, and fangirls.

First reactions from normal audience are considered to be a hype generated response. There is a logical lack of critical appraisal in these reactions.

However, these first reactions established Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice as an interesting watch.

The first breakthrough is Ben Affleck’s Batman. Back in 2014, when Affleck was given the iconic role, a cry of despair encompassed the whole act.

The responses on social media are absolutely opposite. Affleck’s aged and worn out Batman is an overwhelming success, according to Perez Hilton.

Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman was the most praised character of all. Her “I thought she was with you” introduction in the trailer was itself piercing.

The spoiler zones on the Internet is filled with discussions of her character and role in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. It apparently looks like Wonder Woman is exhibiting a key role in the film.

Thus, it looks like she is systematically paving her way to the upcoming standalone movie. Ultimately, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is not just about the two males.

In the darker side of the world, Snyder and Warner Bros. organized a secret screening for a terminally ill British man named, Barry “Bazz” Henderson-Gates.

The screening was held after his friends and family campaigned and the launched of a #batman4bazz hashtag. Bazz described the movie as “the greatest.”

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice hits the theatres on Friday, March 25, 2016.