Will Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work on a movie again soon? Damon previously said he has no interest in ever doing a superhero film. But has the actor finally relented? Did he really agree to appear in Affleck’s upcoming Batman solo movie?

Damon previously said he wouldn’t appear in either a DC or Marvel  movie anytime soon. However, he did say it’s only because he doesn’t think “there are any comic book characters left” for him to play. Did his previous co-star, Affleck, manage to find a part for him?

According to the Irish Examiner, the newest Batman actor has yet to convince his buddy Damon to join the cast of his next DC project. Fans shouldn’t feel totally crushed, though. There’s still hope. Damon himself confirmed this. “I’d consider anything with the right director,” the actor told the Irish news site. “If [Affleck] was directing me, I’d jump on it in a New York minute. I’d love to work with Ben.”

However, this isn’t a done deal yet. Warner Bros. has not announced who would be the director of the next Batman movie. Previous rumors do suggest that Affleck will be directing himself in the movie. However, the film studio is yet to confirm these reports.

It must be pointed out, though, that even if Affleck does become the director, there’s no guarantee that Damon will come on board the DC movie immediately. As the actor himself admitted, major DC characters all seem to be “taken” at the moment.

Meanwhile, the Batman solo movie will not be the first movie Affleck has both directed and starred in. Affleck has previously directed three such films in the past. One of them, Argo, even won him a Directors Guild of America Award for Best Director. Affleck is currently working on Live by Night, which the actor also directed and co-wrote. Live by Night will premiere in 2017.

Check out Affleck’s costume for the upcoming Batman solo movie below.

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