Details of Ben Affleck’s upcoming standalone film, the Batman movie has been kept under wraps. However, actor Joe Manganiello who plays the main villain Deathstroke reveals that they would begin filming this coming spring.

Director and actor Ben Affleck is set to engage in one of his biggest movie projects. He is also co-writing the film with DC Entertainment head Geoff Johns. Apparently, it still does not have a release date and the title is still tentative.

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While Affleck was promoting The Accountant, he kept his silence and told the fans that Batman movie preparations are still on hold, but Manganiello can’t help but spill.

On the red carpet for the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, Joe Manganiello teased that he’s preparing to shoot for Batman in March, April or May next year.

In an interview shared by Screenrant, Manganiello also said that he has already recovered from his recent health scare. He’s all set to prepare for his upcoming projects including the theatrical release of Smurfs movie.

The actor is not only preparing for his projects but also for his anniversary with wife Sofia Vergara.

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The release date remains unclear but IGN shares that Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes teased some movie details, “It’s a year and a half out,” said Bewkes.

However, as per Screenrant, DCEU films take two years from the start of production until its release. Man of Steel started filming in August 2011 and was released in June 2013. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice began filming in May 2015 and premiered on March 2016.

Based on Manganiello’s revelation, would DC films hit their target release date in October 5, 2018?

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Batman solo movie.