Actor Mark Hamill, who recently reprised his famous Star Wars role, is more famous for voicing The Joker in numerous DC animated Batman projects. The latest Batman animated film “Batman: The Killing Joke” will have a limited theatrical release and Mark Hamill will provide a special introduction to the movie.

Forbes and Cinemablend, among others, reported that “Batman: The Killing Joke,” based on the 1988 Alan Moore/Brian Bolland graphic novel of the same title, will have a “one-night only” Fathom Events screening on July 25 in the United States. In addition to Hamill’s introductory video, a documentary about his history with the Joker character which began in 1993 and a featurette on the infamous Joker song and dance number will be shown.

There will be two shows: one at 7:30 p.m. and another at 10:00 p.m. Total runtime is two hours, the animated film is 76 minutes. The event will close with a behind-the-scenes look at how the famous graphic novel was brought to life for the animated movie.

The filmmakers have also added a 15-minute prologue for Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, fighting crime on the seedy streets of Gotham. In the novel, Barbara is never shown as Batgirl. Her character is seen through the prism of her relationships with the men in her life. And then she gets shot in the spine by Joker and ends up in a hospital, paralyzed. This origin story will help make her tragedy more meaningful, poignant and heroic.

The official synopsis of the animated film is as follows:

“Based on the acclaimed DC graphic novel of the same title, Batman: The Killing Joke takes a journey into the dark psyche of the Clown Prince of Crime – from his humble beginnings as a struggling comedian to his fateful encounter with Batman that changes both of their lives forever. Years later, and now escaped from Arkham Asylum, The Joker devises a plan to prove that one bad day can make anyone as insane as he is – setting his sights on Commissioner Gordon. It’s up to the Dark Knight to put a stop to The Joker’s latest scheme and save one of Gotham City’s finest.

Following a gripping prologue introducing Barbara Gordon’s heroic adventures alongside Batman as Batgirl, Batman: The Killing Joke stays true to the authentic tale that has held fans’ imaginations for nearly three decades – spotlighting the birth of a Super-Villain, the fortitude of a superhero and the punchline that will leave you speechless.”

Apart from Mark Hamill, “Batman: the Killing Joke” will also feature the voices of Kevin Conroy, Ray Wise, and Tara Strong. Tickets will be available starting June 27 at