Barnaby Joyce is all set to become Australia’s deputy PM.

Joyce who is currently the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources publicly hinted that he would seek the leadership of the National Party.

The New Daily stated that Joyce had been accused of agitating for the position of deputy PM and making an attempt to speed up Warren Truss’ departure.

It has been speculated that Warren Truss is considering his retirement ahead of the next elections. Conjectures have also been made that he could announce his retirement this week.

Truss is the current deputy PM and minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development. In 2014 he suffered from colitis and was hospitalised. According to The New Daily his party “played down” his health issues and stated that he had a minor health problem.

“I’ve supported Warren publicly and privately and if he steps down I will throw my hat in the ring,” Joyce affirmed to Fairfax Media.

Barnaby Joyce is best known for his stunts. He threatened to exterminate Johny Depp’s dogs, as the star illegally brought them to Australia. He also raised questions on the issue of climate change and opposed  same sex marriages.

Tony Windsor, the former independent MP and who is also planning to challenge Joyce for the New England seat, expressed his apprehensions regarding Joyce’s candidature. “It would be a bloody disaster for the nation”, he said.

“The bloke’s a fool. Some of the things that come out of his mouth are embarrassing. There’s no policy depth to him. I think he is a goose”, Windsor added.

Barnaby, on the other hand, said that he was close to the job and more aware of the work involved. He emphasised that he could do the job but is not in a hurry to replace Warren Truss.

Mr. Barnaby also talked about his credentials for the job. Joyce said that he had experiences of being leader in the senate, deputy leader of the party and had shadow portfolios. Moreover, he noted that he was the only National to win the upper and lower house seats.