A new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that bacon, hotdogs and other processed meat has close links with cancer.

According to The Guardian, processed meat was placed in the group 1 carcinogens which has the same category as alcohol, tobacco, and arsenic. Red meat was also found to have a probable cause and was placed in the group 2A carcinogens. The IARC said that processed meat has links with bowel cancer while the red meat has links to pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Dr. Kurt Straif, head of IARC monographs program, said that a person’s risk of having colorectal cancer from eating processed meat was relatively small. However, a higher consumption of processed meat increases that person’s risk.

Before the report was revealed, the site mentions that the World Cancer Research Fund has advised people to lessen their consumption of processed meat as it is a “cancer hazard.” They suggested that in a week, people should have less than 500g of red meat.

The site mentioned that in 2014, Australia topped the list of having the highest meat consumption in the world. This month, Australia was even named as the country which has the world’s best steak.

As reported on The Sydney Morning Herald, a nutritionist named Rosemary Stanton said that Australians are eating too much meat and the country has the highest incidence of bowel cancer.

Director Graham Giles of Cancer Council Victoria’s Epidemiology Center said that compared with smoking, eating processed meat is a low risk for an individual to get cancer. There are still other contributing factors which increases cancer development.

Here’s a List of 8 Symptoms, Treatment and Facts about Cancer that you should know:

1. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is “a collection of related diseases.” As normal cells grow and divide to form new cells, cancer cells divide without stopping and even spread to surrounding tissues.

2. It starts anywhere in the human body. Some types can form solid tumors.

3. It may spread from one body part to another through metastasis. Mestastasic tumors can cause severe damage to the body.

4. There are more than a hundred types of it, according to the website. The type is named to where the cancer was formed – tissues or organs.

5. American Cancer Society notes that the disease may be caused by genetics, tobacco, lack of diet and physical activity, too much Sun exposure, radiation exposure and carcinogens.

6. The general signs and symptoms are unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, pain and skin changes.

7. There are several treatment types such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

8. Cancer Research UK believes that lifestyle changes such as not smoking, being active, and eating a healthy, balanced diet may prevent one from getting the disease.