If you are one of the unlucky “The Division” players who got locked out of their accounts, chances are it could be because of a newly discovered bug where it involves crafting a high-end backpack. The said issue was reported by GameSpot where it reveals that some players are experiencing the bug and got lock out of their player accounts by Ubisoft. YouTuber Jon L shared a video on what the bug would look like:

Basically what happens is that when a player tries to join another player’s game, the crafted high-end backpack will disappear from the player’s character. This also affects the actual backpack even on the inventory, making it disappear on the inventory list as well and affecting the entire inventory capacity. This will cause difficulty in loading the character properly, causing it to disconnect and not being able to return to the game. Some attempts were made to relog back, but some have reported that they are stuck in the loading screen.

The first issue was reported on Reddit by user Bloodborne333, which was also shared by Kotaku. It states that it has been a week since they have reported the issue but no help was received for the bug. Right now, Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai Stappers has addressed the issue so the team is now aware of the situation. He left a message regarding the issue:

“We are aware that some of you are experiencing an issue where you are locked out of your account. This is usually caused by having crafted a High-End backpack. We are looking to resolve this, it’s one of our main priorities at the moment.”

Those who are experiencing the problem are advised to visit the official forum and provide information on their experience. So far the bug just recent occurred on the latest The Division patch 1.0.2, in which the latest patch was launched to fix some of the bugs reported by players during the launch. It is unsure if the patch also caused the backpack bug.