‘The Bachelorette’ Australia: Sasha Will Win Says Davey

Former “The Bachelorette” Australia contestant Davey hinted that it may be Sasha Mielczarek who will win Sam Frost’s heart.

Davey told Pop Sugar he thinks Sasha will win the competition. He further described Sasha as an “all-round good bloke who ticks all of the boxes.”

The 25-year-old carpenter from New South Wales has been eliminated in the competition after he and Sam had a tense conversation before the rose ceremony last week.

Davey said he respects Sam’s decision but also wished she saw his true personality.

“She was worried that I was too much like guys who she had dated previously, and it didn’t work with them. I wish she saw the gentleman side,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sasha got the first kiss on this season of “The Bachelorette” Australia.

In a separate interview with Pop Sugar, Sasha shared his thoughts about the kiss he had with Sam.

“We had a salsa dance and got really up close and personal, very intimate … It didn’t seem the right place to give her a kiss,” Sasha explained.

At the cocktail party, he found a chance.

“I kept just talking absolute rubbish, ’cause I was so nervous and I really wanted to kiss her. I just kept saying the same things but in different ways, and she sort of looked at me … That was the look on her face and I just said, ‘I really want to kiss you.’ And she went, ‘Well, why don’t you?’ That’s how it all came about. It was good, she’s a good kisser, too! When I went to stand up to go back, she grabbed me again and it was sort of round two,” he added.

Huffington Post quoted Sam as saying, “Sasha gives me that feeling you get when you have a crush, that excited feeling.”

“He makes me believe that there are really good men out there, and maybe I will find love,” the bachelorette added.

Sasha also believes that Dave and Michael are his strongest competition in Sam’s heart.

Five more men left vying for Sam’s heart on “The Bachelorette” Australia, which airs on Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm on Channel Ten.

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