‘The Bachelorette’ Australia: Sam Makes Out with 2 Men; Will & Kieren Go Home

Things are heating up on “The Bachelorette” Australia.

On last night’s episode, fans were treated to a sweet kiss between bachelorette Sam Frost and Alex.

The short pash happened after the NSW local won a date with Sam. They spent a good hour flying up in the sky on separate planes, which didn’t show much contact between the two, noted. However, Sam made up for the lack of contact in the air with a picnic on the ground, bonding with the financial consultant at a botanical garden.

Alex revealed that he likes to travel and has recently visited South Africa.

“I’ve always wanted to travel. I’ve only been to London, Vietnam and then I went to South Africa,” he told Sam.

After the date, they entered a “perspex box with butterflies” and shared a kiss.

However, this is not the first kiss Sam had in the show — just four episodes into the season.

On Wednesday, the former “The Bachelor” contestant shared a little more than a peck with Sasha Mielczarek.

The makeout session had viewers thinking it’s game over for the rest of the lads, another report noted.

“I was very surprised to emerge as a frontrunner,” Sasha told the site.

“To get the first rose was a huge honor because all of the guys there are amazing guys.”

While Sasha and Alex enjoyed intimate moments with Frost, two runners had to bid goodbye from the show.

At the rose ceremony it was revealed that not one, but two lads will be going home. In the end, Kieren Nicholas, the 28-year-old exercise psychologist from Victoria, and Will Stoker, 31-year-old musician, did not receive a rose from Frost.

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