Channel Ten recently confirmed that Australia’s next “Bachelorette” is TV journalist Georgia Love. Although Love’s season is set to air later this year, there are reports on her “wild” past, including those on her past relationships, and details on her real attitude. Former “Bachelorette” Sam Frost also gave Georgia Love a warning on how her life is about to change.

According to Mail Online, the upcoming season is expected to be different with Love’s “party girl streak.” The site mentioned Facebook photo albums posted in September 2013 showing Love partying at a wedding reception. One photo even showed her passed out on the floor. Another photo showed Love “dragging another man around by his tie.” Mail Online noted that in some photos posted, it seems her brother Chris was also trying to set her up on a date.

Georgia Love’s ex Wade Seaford revealed how Love left him heart-broken after two and a half years of dating. “I’ve got all the dirt, all the dirt, to give all the fans a bit of a warning,” he told SeaFM 101.3’s Bree & Gawndy.

“Unlucky in love? I would say not really because she causes the unluck,” he mentioned. Seaford said that he believes there were two men involved which led to their relationship’s end. One was revealed to be a former contestant on “The Voice” named Matthew Garwood.

Seaford also mentioned the advice he got from Love’s relative. “The warning I got, and this is (the) quote, ‘Don’t take her nice-as-pie attitude as genuine, she is known for using people to get what she wants’, unquote,” he added.

Meanwhile, “Bachelorette” 2015 Sam Frost gave Georgia Love a warning on how the show will manipulate her, The Sydney Morning Herald wrote.

“So many people have these opinions and the only thing you can do is trust your intuition and look after yourself… Look after your mental well-being because no one else does, and no one else has your best interest except you,” Frost warned her.