‘The Bachelorette’ Australia 2015: Winner Revealed as Michael Turnbull Buys Engagement Ring at Tiffany’s

With the finale episode this week, “The Bachelorette” fans are at the edge of their seats to know who will be the man to present the ring to Sam Frost and receive a “yes” in response.

Speaking of engagement rings, Michael Turnbull, who is still in the race to win over Sam’s heart, was recently seen with one. As reported by Daily Mail, Michael was seen at Tiffany looking for what appeared to be an engagement ring.

Along with him in the store in Brisbane was his sister, Michelle Reeves, to probably offer advice on which piece of jewelry to choose.

While it isn’t clear whether it was an engagement ring or for whom he was picking it up, it is known that the 34-year-old retired soccer player is one of the favorites in the show. Although he was criticized for seemingly lying about his Olympic achievements, many are still rooting for him to end up with “The Bachelorette.”

Michael looked relaxed in a white t-shirt and blue denims while shopping at the Tiffany store. After a while, he did select a piece — could he actually be making the purchase for Sam and giving away? Did he win the final rose?

Come season finale, we will know for sure whether it is Sasha Mielczarek, Richie Strahan or Michael Turnbull, who held the key to Sam Frost’s heart all along.

However, in another news, the very same Michael Turnbull has allegedly been on secret dates with Lauren Brant. Apparently, the news has “devastated” Sam.

As per reports on New Idea magazine, Michael and Lauren have recently been spending many nights together. Michael has also reportedly admitted to finding Lauren “really hot” and has started following her on Instagram right after they met in Brisbane.

Naturally so, Sam has not spoken a word about the man she has chosen but it appears she is devastated, nonetheless.

An insider shared with New Idea, “She’s keeping quiet on which Bachelor she chose in the end. But she’s gutted over the rumors about Michael hooking up with Lauren – she can’t believe it. Whether she and Michael end up together or not, it just makes Sam look bad.”

Looks like it wont be quite a long wait to know who Sam eventually ends up with.  “The Bachelorette” fans can keep coming back for more updates.

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