‘The Bachelorette Australia’ 2015: Who is the Liar? Michael Turnbull Lying About Soccer & Olympics?

It is one of the bachelors and not “The Bachelorette” Australia Sam Frost who is in the center of controversy this time.

“The Bachelorette” Australia contestant Michael Turnbull has been accused of lying about his achievements after reports came out that he is not actually a professional athlete as he claimed to be.

The buzz stemmed from his statement to Sam Frost during the premiere of the reality TV show, in which Michael said: “The highlight of my career was playing for Australia and the Socceroos and also the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.”

Soon after, Michael suffered backlash on social media and football fans disputed his claim that he played for the Australian national team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Daily Mail Australia said one of Turnbull’s old teammates stated, “’Michael didn’t play for Socceroos or the Olympic team like he said. He was selected but actually never played.”

A pro Aussie footballer also shared his thoughts.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Turnbull rose to fame in Australian football circles during his early career at Marconi Stallions where he thrived as a young footballer before the National Soccer League was stalled in 2004.

Since then, he played only six top-flight football games. Contrary to his claims on national TV, Turnbull never went on to play for the Australian Socceroos, neither in Sydney Olympic.

SMH noted that Michael did represent Australia on three occasions but only at youth level and not in the Sydney Olympics. He was nominated in the team only as a substitute in five UEFA Cup matches in the 2004-2005 season but did not get a chance to play.

Michael’s bio at “The Bachelorette” Australia official site also indicated his occupation as professional football player.

Sources of Daily Mail Australia close to Turnbull defended the bachelor and explained that his statement was taken out of context.

“Michael has played with the Socceroos during trial games and training camps, but not on the official team … What he meant was that he was part of the Olympic squad ‘When you are a part of a team, ‘playing’ is what you say because you have played with them. He was misconstrued,” the insiders said.

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