Months after their happy ending, Bachelorette 2016 Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers continue to battle split rumors. A recent event on television seemed to add fuel to the fire of these speculations.

The TV moment in question is none other than the premiere of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? The new Freeform reality show features Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell from the 19th season of The Bachelor. With the show taking place amid their engagement, it’ll show audiences the couple’s journey towards their wedding.

However, before Ben chose Lauren, he was torn between her and another love–Jojo Fletcher.

A report from Mail Online details how this point in their past continues to haunt Lauren. As per the source, Lauren expressed at the beginning of the show how she was worried with Ben’s previous feelings for Jojo. The article goes on to relay Lauren’s thoughts on Ben’s previous feelings for Jojo.

Mail Online quotes her as saying:

“The roller coaster of emotions from reliving Ben being the Bachelor has been really difficult for me. Especially because at the end he was torn. That lead, naturally, to some arguments.”

Aside from her admission on the arguments, Mail Online also reveals how Lauren feared of feeling hurt again when she sees Jojo in person.

Bachelorette 2016 Jojo Fletcher hasn’t moved on?

Although the show centers on Ben and Lauren, Jojo’s name kept popping up. What’s more interesting is it highlights how the Bachelorette had a hard time moving on.

Does Jojo still have feelings for Ben? Did this cause her and Jordan’s rumored split?

Despite the vicious rumors attacking both couples, it appears all is well for Jordan and Jojo, as well as Ben and Lauren.

An article from Hollywood Take describes how both couples are happy with each other. It even cites a tweet from Becca Tilley which insists that both parties have moved on, and that Jojo and Lauren are friends. Jojo herself agreed to the tweet.

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